Our Mission

The Overlook is a nomadic arts project. Our collaborative residencies, programs, and projects support women, queer, and POC makers and thinkers.    


Since our inception in July 2016, we have held 13 residencies, 11 exhibitions, 48 events, and have shown 33 local, national, and international artist's works.  We remain committed to upholding an honest and ethical approach that we feel is crucial to our mission. We believe in a business structure that is collaborative with artists and is constantly evaluating the artistic landscape so that we can be flexible to what artists, of all mediums, need and how we are able to best support them.


Our Values

We believe in a fluid structure that continuously evaluates the current creative landscape to best support creatives.


We encourage and celebrate collaboration in all facets of making and organizing practices.


We think art is a vast concept and term that is meant to empower humans rather than limit them.


We value communication of ideas, sharing of skills, and transparency of process.


We were founded and operate on intersectional feminist values - to build our own table to sit at rather than adhere to the traditional and extend support for others to join us there or build their own.