Our Mission

The Overlook is a concept.

The Overlook is opportunity.

The Overlook is engagement.

The Overlook provides emerging women artists, queer artists, and artists of color a platform to further their practice and audience through residencies, programming, and collaborative projects.


Since our inception in July 2016, we have held 12 residencies, 11 exhibitions, 40 events, and have shown 33 local, national, and international artist's works.  We remain committed to upholding an honest and ethical approach that we feel is crucial to our mission. We believe in a business structure that is collaborative with artists and is constantly evaluating the artistic landscape so that we can be flexible to what artists, of all mediums, need and how we are able to best support them.



Jennifer Sova // Founder + Director

Jennifer Sova is an artist, curator, and activist living and working in Chicago. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Columbia College Chicago with concentrations in gender studies and business. She is interested in the intersection of art, activism, and creative communities. Her interdisciplinary art practice is an exploration of masculinity, loss, and identity through photography, video, and performance. Sova is the founder and director of The Overlook, a mission-driven multidisciplinary art space. She has exhibited at Woman Made Gallery, participated in the LAUNCH residency through Chicago Artist Coalition, and has shown at the MCA Chicago as a part of Chicagoland Shorts Film Festival. Most recently, she has changed her name as a part of her Reclamation, which began February 26th, 2018 and will continue until the legal process of her name change is complete.



Alexis Brocchi // Assistant Director

Alexis Brocchi is a visual artist and arts administrator living in Chicago, Illinois.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Arts Administration with a minor in Art History from Columbia College Chicago. Through her practice, Brocchi aims to explore the intersection of art and science. She uses illustration, experimental poetry, and hand papermaking to interrogate the complexities of language and communication.  As an arts administrator, she values the importance of accessibility and the search for knowledge through nontraditional methods. Brocchi is currently the Exhibitor Relations and Programming Coordinator at EXPO CHICAGO, Editorial and Curatorial Collaborator to Alfredo Cramerotti, and Assistant Director at The Overlook.



Jeanne Donegan // Creative Partner

Jeanne Donegan is an artist living in Chicago. She received her BFA from University of Connecticut, her home state, and her MFA from Columbia College Chicago. Donegan works primarily in photography and video. Her work focuses on issues of femininity, desire, and intimate relationships. She is interested in exploring the potential of female desire to elicit questions of power, autonomy, and pleasure.