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  • Curator in Residence: Graham Feyl

    Curator in Residence: Graham Feyl

    We are excited to Introduce our very first Curator in Residence, Graham Feyl! Graham will share his writings, research, studio visits, and artists participating in his curatorial project, object / item / material / me, here on our website over the duration of his 4 month residency, which will then culminate into an exhibition in the Fall!


    Graham Feyl is an art historian and curator. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Art History. His art historical research focuses on modern and contemporary art with an emphasis in performance and queer art. His research incorporates queer theory, embodiment, and performance theory to better understand the body as a medium. Feyl will be attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Fall of 2018 to begin a Master's in Modern and Contemporary Art History.